Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Assalamualaikum.... Because I am new blogger,I would like to introduce about myself!!

First,My name is Nor Azira binti Kamarudin.I am 15 years old.I was born on 14th. June in 1994 at Hospital Besar Tengku Ampuan Rahimah,Klang.My hobbies are watching television & cartoons,of course...!,playing computer,badminton and sleep...~~~:p

When I grow up,...I want to be a king and I want to be a star...!!~haha~ Just kidding!!(^,^)
Actually I want to be a surgeon but I am still low in Science so,I will work smart to achieve my successful to become a surgeon and of course do the best in my PMR this year!!What else??!!...

Okay,my favourite foods are...-soto,nasi ayam,kuey teow,chicken chops,laksa sarawak, 'tempoyak',spaghetti,satay and of course my mom's cooking!!While my favourite drinks are...
-milo ais tabur,Dutch Lady,fruits juice and teh ais!!

I don't know how to explain more about myself so...I am sorry!!-(^~^)
We continue next time!!bye...
Before that,this is most important-I will always say it after finished my blog...that>>
I am not very well and good in English and my writing,please understand and forgive me...Okay,I think that's enough for today!!got to go......See you all next time,bye!!~(^_^)

-My Favourite Cartoons-

Hi!!My name is Nor Azira binti Kamarudin.My nickname is 'Jia'...My hobbies are playing computer,watching sports & cartoons and of course sleep!!... ~hehe~ (-_-)~zzzz
During weekends,I usually watching cartoons for 4-5 hours and then continue in the evening..I have many favourite cartoons or animes..

My Favourite Cartoons/animes:

~Detective Conan
~Fruits Basket
~Shaman King
~Martin Mystery
~Slam Dunk
~Prince Of Tennis
~Pichi Pichi Pitch
~Totally Spies
~Shin Chan
~Tsubasa Chronicles Of The Wings
~God(?)Save Our King!
~Dragon Ballz
~Bola Kampung
~Petite Princess Yucie
~Mirmo Zibang
~SpongeBob SquarePants
~Princess 9
~The Law Of Ueki

BUT now,I am no longer spending my time for hours in front of television because as you all know,this year I have PMR so...I have to work smart!!~(^_^)But,sometimes if I have free time I still watching cartoons..what can I do?!!~That is my hobby...hihi....
Okay,I think that's all today...As I said,I am not good in English so..if I got wrong in my writing in this blog,please forgive me.. :p

-My Best Friends-

Assalamualaikum...Here I want to tell all of you about my best friends.Before that,I want all of you know that I am not very well in English so..if I get wrong in my language or whatever in finishing my blog,please forgive me..and inform me about that,so I can improve it...(",) Okay,let we start it!!First of all,I want all of you know who I am.My name is Nor Azira binti Kamarudin.I am 15 years old..What else?!!..I think that is all about me.If all of you want to know me for further,please follow my blog..-The End- :p

Let we start to the point! Okay,I have best friends name Nurul Syuhada,Nur Hidayah,Anis Amni,Aina Natasya,Syafiza,Farah,Nadhirah,Aisyah,Noari,Syaira and Alia.They are very heart-kind and nice person.They always help me when I am in trouble.Syuhada or we called her 'Syud',is my friend since we in kindergarten.She is nice and beautiful person.She is also very intelligent!!Then,Hidayah or 'Dayah' is my partner in our class.She always help me in Mathematics!She is very kind and cute like panda bear.hihi.~(^_^)~ don't get angry Dayah!!:p Besides them,Nadhirah and Aisyah are also my best friend.I know them when I am in 1 Azam..They are cousins!
They cannot be separate each other.( '_' )~( '_' )

Syafiza and Farah are my classmates since we in 1 Azam but this year,Farah is no longer with us because she is in 3 Budi.But,we still hang out like usual when recess and after school..
Farah is a hardworking person but sometimes she can be a hot-temper!!
Aina Natasya!!She is my best friend since we in primary school...She is clever and now she is in 3 Imtiyaz..She is chubby!!(^0^) - Alia..what can I say?!She is very very cute,beautiful and gentle..She is also very hot!!:p She have many secret-admirer!!Noari or 'Nory' is very cool.She also our assistant monitor,while Syaira is very funny and always make me laugh!!~huhu~(*_*) And last,Anis!She is a prefect in our school, (SMK S 7)..She is also strict,sometimes!!.....Sorry!! BUT,something that interesting about her....She is very good in English,Bahasa Melayu,Science and also Pendidikan Islam...She is also very kind and always make sure that she is good in her studies.
Okay,I think that's all about my best friend.I am sure that all of you know how nice and good they are!!Without them,I think I cannot to be a good person...Thank you!!(^!^)....

IMPORTANT!!---Do not forget to give some comments..I don't mind!!

Friend Like You

Sunday, January 25, 2009

- Start Blogging -

This is my first time write at this blog..hope my blog will be the one of famous blogs...
Actually,my teacher Pn Norazita had asked my class to do this..!!!;p
hope the senior bloggers will teaching me how to be a success blogger..

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