Monday, March 16, 2009

-Me And My Parents!!!-

Hi and Assalamualaikum..... ;)

*Today I would like to share stories about 'Me and My Family' . Okay,let's start from my parents's name . My mother's name is Rohana bt Hassan while my father's name is Kamarudin b. Abdul Samad . I am the only child in my family . Sometimes,I feel so lonely . ; (
I like to watch Korean Drama,cartoons and sports!-

*My father like to watch wrestling and football/soccer... ;} He always watch the wrestling every Tuesday,Friday and Sunday...!(maybe)--In football,he is a supporter for Liverpool !! But me.... I like M.U !!! haha... ;]

*My mother also like to watch football and she is a supporter for M.U too...That's why when Liverpool against M.U , we had an argue...!! haha.... (^_*) besides,she love to watch Korean Drama too....

*My parents and I always watching sports together like football,tennis and badminton..

# that's all for today...!!my parents and I become closer because we always spend time together...I know you guys too,right??
okay and see you all soon.... ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Why?????!!!!!!!!......homeworks,homeworks,homeworks!!!Huh,I think we (3 Azam)
need more time to finish our homeworks during the school holiday...Actually,it's not too much homeworks that our teachers gave but I'm a lazy girl!!Before that,I want to apologize about the BIG pictures on my blog before!?!Don't be mad.... (^_^)

But.......I know why our teachers gave us homeworks today,I'm sure that they won't we,as their students-waste time because we have to concentrate for our lessons because this year we will have a big examination:PMR!!

I hope all students in 3 Azam will get a good results in our PMR......ha ha
And last but not least,I just want to remind to all of you about my English!!I guess I have many wrong in spelling and whatever else!!...Anyway,thank you! :p

HOMEWORK KILLS Pictures, Images and Photos

****Don't believe it!!!haha.........

-My Latest Heroes!-

Today I just want to show to all of you who are my latest heroes!!Actually,I'm in love with them so much and I don't care about the rest(their others fans)!! (",)
Whatever they want to say about me!I'm just love them because they are very very cute!!

*+*+*If you don't believe me,let see........... :

boys over flowers Pictures, Images and Photos

First-Junpyo! (Lee Minho)

Lee Min-ho Pictures, Images and Photos

Second-Kim Beom


boys over flowers Pictures, Images and Photos

***Anyway,thank you very much!!Hope you all like them too........Thanks for reading my latest blog!!!!....... : )

Sunday, March 8, 2009

-My Words!-

HI!! Today I just want to say 'Hello' to everyone and thank you for spend time reading my blog!!Actually,I'm very boring right now...that's why I decide to continue my writing in this blog!!... : ) -Hope you all have a nice day in your life!!.....

***For B.O.F fans-don't forget to watch B.O.F tonight!!...haha : ]