Monday, March 16, 2009

-Me And My Parents!!!-

Hi and Assalamualaikum..... ;)

*Today I would like to share stories about 'Me and My Family' . Okay,let's start from my parents's name . My mother's name is Rohana bt Hassan while my father's name is Kamarudin b. Abdul Samad . I am the only child in my family . Sometimes,I feel so lonely . ; (
I like to watch Korean Drama,cartoons and sports!-

*My father like to watch wrestling and football/soccer... ;} He always watch the wrestling every Tuesday,Friday and Sunday...!(maybe)--In football,he is a supporter for Liverpool !! But me.... I like M.U !!! haha... ;]

*My mother also like to watch football and she is a supporter for M.U too...That's why when Liverpool against M.U , we had an argue...!! haha.... (^_*) besides,she love to watch Korean Drama too....

*My parents and I always watching sports together like football,tennis and badminton..

# that's all for today...!!my parents and I become closer because we always spend time together...I know you guys too,right??
okay and see you all soon.... ;)