Thursday, February 19, 2009

-My Friend's Birthday-

Hai!!and I want to share my story about 'My Friend's Birthday"!!
Actually,on Tuesday(17/2/2009) is my friend's birthday which was Nory!..Me and some of my friends planned to surprise her!!Firstly,Ain and Ayu asked Nory to go to the playground near Anis's house..and the rest go to Farah's house-to prepare food,drinks and cupcakes!! ;p

After that,we started to walk slowly to the playground!!.....We were also sang for Nory 'Happy Birthday' song loudly!!She was very happy and then say thank you to us..Next,we ate macaroni cooked by Anis!!It's very delicious!-yummy- :] After eat,we played and take some pictures!!
It's very happy...

But,around 6 p.m everyone started to back home!!...Although I'm very tired,but I'm still happy..I hope Nory will always get happiness and healthy life from God!!-AMIN-

Okay,I think that's all today,see you guys next time!!(^~^)

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Saturday, February 14, 2009


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Friday, February 13, 2009


Hi!! name is Nor Azira bt Kamarudin..Just call me 'Jia'!!:p
Tomorrow(14/2/09) is 'Larian Sevens' in our school,SMKS 7!!It must be a best and good day because I haven't to run..~I will handle the checkpoint!-haha-Sorry to say but,Green will be the winner!!Yeah....don't be mad!!~Insya-Allah~
Go Green!!Go Green!!
~hihi ;p urm...I think that's all for today,just want to inform you about our activities tomorrow!!(^_^) Good Luck Green!!

You're Jealous

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

-My Heroes-

Hi!!Today I want to tell all of you about my favourite heroes in films...I am very enthuse about them..They are very good in their acting!! :) Okay,I don't know how to explain more about them so,let we start from their name...

My Heroes:
Philippine:Richard Gutierrez.
Films :Let The Love Began,Sigaw,Mulawin, and many more.... :p

robert pattinson Pictures, Images and Photos daniel radcliffe Pictures, Images and Photos

Hollywood's:1)Robert Pattinson
Films :Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire(4) and Twilight..

:2)Daniel Radcliffe
:Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone,H.P and The Chamber Of Secret,H.P
and The Prisoner Of Azkaban,H.P and The Of Goblet Of Fire,H.P and The
Order Of Pheonix,H.P and The Half-Blood Prince & H.P and The Deathly Of
Hallows.. (^_^)

:3)Johnny Depp
:The Pirates Of Caribbeans,Charlie and The Chocolate Factory,Sleeping
Hallows,Edward and Scicorss Hand& many more...... ( "

Bollywood's:Many!!~( "!" )~

Korean:Also many!!maybe....~HIHI~

*They are also very handsome and well-known people....Okay,I think that's all for today. I know maybe my blog today doesn't too interest and it's too short but I hope it is still be the best writing!! : ) Hope you guys enjoyed reading it although it is very simple...Right?!
Okay,like usual..I will inform to all of you that I am still low in my writing so maybe you guys can add comments to my blog about my mistake....Perhaps!!-(^~^)-
See you all next time!!(always the same words)~haha..................
Wait!!Before that,I want to say sorry for the
pictures that you must dislike.. :p
Thank you!!!