Tuesday, February 3, 2009

-My Heroes-

Hi!!Today I want to tell all of you about my favourite heroes in films...I am very enthuse about them..They are very good in their acting!! :) Okay,I don't know how to explain more about them so,let we start from their name...

My Heroes:
Philippine:Richard Gutierrez.
Films :Let The Love Began,Sigaw,Mulawin, and many more.... :p

robert pattinson Pictures, Images and Photos daniel radcliffe Pictures, Images and Photos

Hollywood's:1)Robert Pattinson
Films :Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire(4) and Twilight..

:2)Daniel Radcliffe
:Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone,H.P and The Chamber Of Secret,H.P
and The Prisoner Of Azkaban,H.P and The Of Goblet Of Fire,H.P and The
Order Of Pheonix,H.P and The Half-Blood Prince & H.P and The Deathly Of
Hallows.. (^_^)

:3)Johnny Depp
:The Pirates Of Caribbeans,Charlie and The Chocolate Factory,Sleeping
Hallows,Edward and Scicorss Hand& many more...... ( "

Bollywood's:Many!!~( "!" )~

Korean:Also many!!maybe....~HIHI~

*They are also very handsome and well-known people....Okay,I think that's all for today. I know maybe my blog today doesn't too interest and it's too short but I hope it is still be the best writing!! : ) Hope you guys enjoyed reading it although it is very simple...Right?!
Okay,like usual..I will inform to all of you that I am still low in my writing so maybe you guys can add comments to my blog about my mistake....Perhaps!!-(^~^)-
See you all next time!!(always the same words)~haha..................
Wait!!Before that,I want to say sorry for the
pictures that you must dislike.. :p
Thank you!!!


~xeos~ said...

hahaha i loves the one that act in pirates of carribean.he was a funny actor.huh.i'm obses with him.his my funniest actor that i loves.

@mnIX said...

huh..they are kind a kind and cute!

FARIE said...

luf both of them..
super duper cute!

Aneessa said...

WOW !!!!
CUTE !!!!!!
where did you get all this Cute pics ?!?