Friday, December 25, 2009

~PMR Result~

Hello everyone!! haha~ just want to inform u guys 'bout my PMR result..! ;D
i only got 7A n 1B(SCIENCE) in my PMR result..but i think-it's ok!!
i'd try my best!!....but know,many people ask me "x nak g asrama ke?"
n i just straightly said-"No! i'll never leave my school(SEKSYEN 7)..
i love my school!!"... but,there's one other reason for me,x nak tggl asrama~is b'coz the "KOREAN"....if i stay at hostel,i'll have no time for watching KOREAN DRAMA n Of course i can't watch MUSIC BANK!! hehe..~ :)


So..,i think it's ok for me to stay at my old school!! lgpon,i've many friends
there! n it would be interesting if ANIS,ESHA n ME have the same class next year!! haha~ ;DD

urmm...,i think it's enough for today!! i would like to continue writing the blog tomorrow n will tell u guys more 'bout me!! hehe... ; )
ok!! gudnite n sweet dream!!<< ;)

IMPORTANT~bahasa rojak!(campur2) ;DD