Friday, December 25, 2009

~I Love Them!!~

woah! u know what?? i love korean band-boys n girls.....
especially ~ 2PM,KARA n SHINee.. :DD
they have cute girls n handsome boys in their group!! ;D

like...KARA~i like Hara,Gyuri n Nicole in their group!!
while,2PM~i like Nichkhun.... :)
SHINee too..~i like Minho n Taemin in their group!! they are really cute...
ANIS also like Minho...hehe~ ;) i think we both like him b'coz the game show-"DREAM TEAM"..
i guess!! (^_^)

here's some of their picture i'll show,u guys can see how cute n handsome they're!! haha.....


...BOY BAND~2PM...

~PMR Result~

Hello everyone!! haha~ just want to inform u guys 'bout my PMR result..! ;D
i only got 7A n 1B(SCIENCE) in my PMR result..but i think-it's ok!!
i'd try my best!!....but know,many people ask me "x nak g asrama ke?"
n i just straightly said-"No! i'll never leave my school(SEKSYEN 7)..
i love my school!!"... but,there's one other reason for me,x nak tggl asrama~is b'coz the "KOREAN"....if i stay at hostel,i'll have no time for watching KOREAN DRAMA n Of course i can't watch MUSIC BANK!! hehe..~ :)


So..,i think it's ok for me to stay at my old school!! lgpon,i've many friends
there! n it would be interesting if ANIS,ESHA n ME have the same class next year!! haha~ ;DD

urmm...,i think it's enough for today!! i would like to continue writing the blog tomorrow n will tell u guys more 'bout me!! hehe... ; )
ok!! gudnite n sweet dream!!<< ;)

IMPORTANT~bahasa rojak!(campur2) ;DD

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

-I am So Glad-

Especially for my bestfriends!!! ;D
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Monday, March 16, 2009

-Me And My Parents!!!-

Hi and Assalamualaikum..... ;)

*Today I would like to share stories about 'Me and My Family' . Okay,let's start from my parents's name . My mother's name is Rohana bt Hassan while my father's name is Kamarudin b. Abdul Samad . I am the only child in my family . Sometimes,I feel so lonely . ; (
I like to watch Korean Drama,cartoons and sports!-

*My father like to watch wrestling and football/soccer... ;} He always watch the wrestling every Tuesday,Friday and Sunday...!(maybe)--In football,he is a supporter for Liverpool !! But me.... I like M.U !!! haha... ;]

*My mother also like to watch football and she is a supporter for M.U too...That's why when Liverpool against M.U , we had an argue...!! haha.... (^_*) besides,she love to watch Korean Drama too....

*My parents and I always watching sports together like football,tennis and badminton..

# that's all for today...!!my parents and I become closer because we always spend time together...I know you guys too,right??
okay and see you all soon.... ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Why?????!!!!!!!!......homeworks,homeworks,homeworks!!!Huh,I think we (3 Azam)
need more time to finish our homeworks during the school holiday...Actually,it's not too much homeworks that our teachers gave but I'm a lazy girl!!Before that,I want to apologize about the BIG pictures on my blog before!?!Don't be mad.... (^_^)

But.......I know why our teachers gave us homeworks today,I'm sure that they won't we,as their students-waste time because we have to concentrate for our lessons because this year we will have a big examination:PMR!!

I hope all students in 3 Azam will get a good results in our PMR......ha ha
And last but not least,I just want to remind to all of you about my English!!I guess I have many wrong in spelling and whatever else!!...Anyway,thank you! :p

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****Don't believe it!!!haha.........

-My Latest Heroes!-

Today I just want to show to all of you who are my latest heroes!!Actually,I'm in love with them so much and I don't care about the rest(their others fans)!! (",)
Whatever they want to say about me!I'm just love them because they are very very cute!!

*+*+*If you don't believe me,let see........... :

boys over flowers Pictures, Images and Photos

First-Junpyo! (Lee Minho)

Lee Min-ho Pictures, Images and Photos

Second-Kim Beom


boys over flowers Pictures, Images and Photos

***Anyway,thank you very much!!Hope you all like them too........Thanks for reading my latest blog!!!!....... : )

Sunday, March 8, 2009

-My Words!-

HI!! Today I just want to say 'Hello' to everyone and thank you for spend time reading my blog!!Actually,I'm very boring right now...that's why I decide to continue my writing in this blog!!... : ) -Hope you all have a nice day in your life!!.....

***For B.O.F fans-don't forget to watch B.O.F tonight!!...haha : ]

Thursday, February 19, 2009

-My Friend's Birthday-

Hai!!and I want to share my story about 'My Friend's Birthday"!!
Actually,on Tuesday(17/2/2009) is my friend's birthday which was Nory!..Me and some of my friends planned to surprise her!!Firstly,Ain and Ayu asked Nory to go to the playground near Anis's house..and the rest go to Farah's house-to prepare food,drinks and cupcakes!! ;p

After that,we started to walk slowly to the playground!!.....We were also sang for Nory 'Happy Birthday' song loudly!!She was very happy and then say thank you to us..Next,we ate macaroni cooked by Anis!!It's very delicious!-yummy- :] After eat,we played and take some pictures!!
It's very happy...

But,around 6 p.m everyone started to back home!!...Although I'm very tired,but I'm still happy..I hope Nory will always get happiness and healthy life from God!!-AMIN-

Okay,I think that's all today,see you guys next time!!(^~^)

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Saturday, February 14, 2009


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Friday, February 13, 2009


Hi!! name is Nor Azira bt Kamarudin..Just call me 'Jia'!!:p
Tomorrow(14/2/09) is 'Larian Sevens' in our school,SMKS 7!!It must be a best and good day because I haven't to run..~I will handle the checkpoint!-haha-Sorry to say but,Green will be the winner!!Yeah....don't be mad!!~Insya-Allah~
Go Green!!Go Green!!
~hihi ;p urm...I think that's all for today,just want to inform you about our activities tomorrow!!(^_^) Good Luck Green!!

You're Jealous

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

-My Heroes-

Hi!!Today I want to tell all of you about my favourite heroes in films...I am very enthuse about them..They are very good in their acting!! :) Okay,I don't know how to explain more about them so,let we start from their name...

My Heroes:
Philippine:Richard Gutierrez.
Films :Let The Love Began,Sigaw,Mulawin, and many more.... :p

robert pattinson Pictures, Images and Photos daniel radcliffe Pictures, Images and Photos

Hollywood's:1)Robert Pattinson
Films :Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire(4) and Twilight..

:2)Daniel Radcliffe
:Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone,H.P and The Chamber Of Secret,H.P
and The Prisoner Of Azkaban,H.P and The Of Goblet Of Fire,H.P and The
Order Of Pheonix,H.P and The Half-Blood Prince & H.P and The Deathly Of
Hallows.. (^_^)

:3)Johnny Depp
:The Pirates Of Caribbeans,Charlie and The Chocolate Factory,Sleeping
Hallows,Edward and Scicorss Hand& many more...... ( "

Bollywood's:Many!!~( "!" )~

Korean:Also many!!maybe....~HIHI~

*They are also very handsome and well-known people....Okay,I think that's all for today. I know maybe my blog today doesn't too interest and it's too short but I hope it is still be the best writing!! : ) Hope you guys enjoyed reading it although it is very simple...Right?!
Okay,like usual..I will inform to all of you that I am still low in my writing so maybe you guys can add comments to my blog about my mistake....Perhaps!!-(^~^)-
See you all next time!!(always the same words)~haha..................
Wait!!Before that,I want to say sorry for the
pictures that you must dislike.. :p
Thank you!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Assalamualaikum.... Because I am new blogger,I would like to introduce about myself!!

First,My name is Nor Azira binti Kamarudin.I am 15 years old.I was born on 14th. June in 1994 at Hospital Besar Tengku Ampuan Rahimah,Klang.My hobbies are watching television & cartoons,of course...!,playing computer,badminton and sleep...~~~:p

When I grow up,...I want to be a king and I want to be a star...!!~haha~ Just kidding!!(^,^)
Actually I want to be a surgeon but I am still low in Science so,I will work smart to achieve my successful to become a surgeon and of course do the best in my PMR this year!!What else??!!...

Okay,my favourite foods are...-soto,nasi ayam,kuey teow,chicken chops,laksa sarawak, 'tempoyak',spaghetti,satay and of course my mom's cooking!!While my favourite drinks are...
-milo ais tabur,Dutch Lady,fruits juice and teh ais!!

I don't know how to explain more about myself so...I am sorry!!-(^~^)
We continue next time!!bye...
Before that,this is most important-I will always say it after finished my blog...that>>
I am not very well and good in English and my writing,please understand and forgive me...Okay,I think that's enough for today!!got to go......See you all next time,bye!!~(^_^)

-My Favourite Cartoons-

Hi!!My name is Nor Azira binti Kamarudin.My nickname is 'Jia'...My hobbies are playing computer,watching sports & cartoons and of course sleep!!... ~hehe~ (-_-)~zzzz
During weekends,I usually watching cartoons for 4-5 hours and then continue in the evening..I have many favourite cartoons or animes..

My Favourite Cartoons/animes:

~Detective Conan
~Fruits Basket
~Shaman King
~Martin Mystery
~Slam Dunk
~Prince Of Tennis
~Pichi Pichi Pitch
~Totally Spies
~Shin Chan
~Tsubasa Chronicles Of The Wings
~God(?)Save Our King!
~Dragon Ballz
~Bola Kampung
~Petite Princess Yucie
~Mirmo Zibang
~SpongeBob SquarePants
~Princess 9
~The Law Of Ueki

BUT now,I am no longer spending my time for hours in front of television because as you all know,this year I have PMR so...I have to work smart!!~(^_^)But,sometimes if I have free time I still watching cartoons..what can I do?!!~That is my hobby...hihi....
Okay,I think that's all today...As I said,I am not good in English so..if I got wrong in my writing in this blog,please forgive me.. :p

-My Best Friends-

Assalamualaikum...Here I want to tell all of you about my best friends.Before that,I want all of you know that I am not very well in English so..if I get wrong in my language or whatever in finishing my blog,please forgive me..and inform me about that,so I can improve it...(",) Okay,let we start it!!First of all,I want all of you know who I am.My name is Nor Azira binti Kamarudin.I am 15 years old..What else?!!..I think that is all about me.If all of you want to know me for further,please follow my blog..-The End- :p

Let we start to the point! Okay,I have best friends name Nurul Syuhada,Nur Hidayah,Anis Amni,Aina Natasya,Syafiza,Farah,Nadhirah,Aisyah,Noari,Syaira and Alia.They are very heart-kind and nice person.They always help me when I am in trouble.Syuhada or we called her 'Syud',is my friend since we in kindergarten.She is nice and beautiful person.She is also very intelligent!!Then,Hidayah or 'Dayah' is my partner in our class.She always help me in Mathematics!She is very kind and cute like panda bear.hihi.~(^_^)~ don't get angry Dayah!!:p Besides them,Nadhirah and Aisyah are also my best friend.I know them when I am in 1 Azam..They are cousins!
They cannot be separate each other.( '_' )~( '_' )

Syafiza and Farah are my classmates since we in 1 Azam but this year,Farah is no longer with us because she is in 3 Budi.But,we still hang out like usual when recess and after school..
Farah is a hardworking person but sometimes she can be a hot-temper!!
Aina Natasya!!She is my best friend since we in primary school...She is clever and now she is in 3 Imtiyaz..She is chubby!!(^0^) - Alia..what can I say?!She is very very cute,beautiful and gentle..She is also very hot!!:p She have many secret-admirer!!Noari or 'Nory' is very cool.She also our assistant monitor,while Syaira is very funny and always make me laugh!!~huhu~(*_*) And last,Anis!She is a prefect in our school, (SMK S 7)..She is also strict,sometimes!!.....Sorry!! BUT,something that interesting about her....She is very good in English,Bahasa Melayu,Science and also Pendidikan Islam...She is also very kind and always make sure that she is good in her studies.
Okay,I think that's all about my best friend.I am sure that all of you know how nice and good they are!!Without them,I think I cannot to be a good person...Thank you!!(^!^)....

IMPORTANT!!---Do not forget to give some comments..I don't mind!!

Friend Like You

Sunday, January 25, 2009

- Start Blogging -

This is my first time write at this blog..hope my blog will be the one of famous blogs...
Actually,my teacher Pn Norazita had asked my class to do this..!!!;p
hope the senior bloggers will teaching me how to be a success blogger..

My Life